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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Treasure Pot 'All-You-Can-Eat' Steamboat @ Ipoh

The only 'all you can eat' steamboat in Ipoh that offers sliced pork. Located at Festival Walk, few doors away from Sushi Zento.

Last time, this restaurant was going ala carte, prices were rather high, so we never went in to eat and we do see it quite empty most of the time. But then, it changed to an 'all you can eat' concept, you need to book your table! 

Well... It's not really RM25 for everything. You can opt for upgrades to better things, like better broth, better fish and better other things. But to us, the basics are quite good already. We didn't do any upgrades.

This isn't second visit, and they revamped the sauce selection. The sauces are still quite boring, but better than the previous selection of just different level of heat. I'm still hoping for fried chilli oil.... 

The broth... It's just basic pork bone broth, but it's good enough. Milky white :-)

They will give you a paper to mark down everything you want, and then, they will bring it to your table. Again, we didn't opt for anything premium. All no extra charge.

The picture below are all the seafood we ticked. 

Cooked food. My boy loves the chicken wing. 

Vegetables come in a basket. Both times we visited, they never give u 100% of what we opted, surely something goes missing, but you can always ask for more the next round. Can ask 100 rounds of you have the patience. 

And we don't understand they want to shred the oyster mushroom so fine. What's left after cooking??

This is the handmade pork balls and beef balls in their menu. The pork paste taste good, but the beef ones taste powdery. 

Sliced beef. I think this is the rump. Tough! Won't order this next time. It's not that thinly sliced. 

10 portions of sliced pork belly. Thicker than usual, hence not as tender, but better than the beef. Beggars can't be choosers. It's the ONLY place in Ipoh where you can eat pork slices until you puke.

Drinks comes in a large bottle and some are complimentary. The yellowish one is Chrysanthemum tea. Free :-)

Adult: RM25 for basic All you can eat with options for premium items at ala carte.
Children: 6-12yo. RM10.
5 and under is free. 

Very dai as my kids usually eat nothing but Fishballs and chicken wings. We don't feel we are wasting money. For 2 adults and 3 kids, we paid RM70 as my boy is just 3. Happy parents, happy kids, happy wallet. 

We didn't order the dessert of the day this time as we didn't like it the last time we came. 

For Reservations, please call

Opening hours

New Menglembu branch address and location:

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