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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Plan b. @ Ipoh

We went to Plan b. for lunch few days back.

Situated in the old town, next to the famous coffee shop, Kong Heng.

I didn't know it was there at first, but bumped into it as we drove around there cos hubby was going to see one of his vendors.
That morning itself, I was 'instructed' by some fellow FB friends to go there and eat some cake.
Surprisingly.. I saw this unexpectedly and became very obedient and went in to have cake

We had to seek for an entrance. Lol. It wasn't seen from the front, the same side as Kong Heng, I mean. Finally found it at the side when we followed another person that we suspected was going in.. The building structure was once an old furniture showroom, among ruins that dates back further than WW1. But has been redone. It still reeks of that typical smell of old ruins. So, sitting outdoors on the side that faces the ruins is not recommended. But there's no smell inside the restaurant.

There's something like a library in this building. And behind it is an art gallery. Not a pleasant place to linger around, else the smell lingers on your nose.

Ok. Infrastructure aside. Let's talk food. 
Taste just as good as any restaurant under Ben's. That is if you find the others good.

My hubby ordered the Steak Frites. Comes WITHOUT any vegetables. So, carnivores will glee. 

Hubby liked it. A lot. He loves the Bearnaise sauce that came with it. 
The striploin steak was medium done, taste beefy, tender and good.

For me, as dessert was on my mind. I ordered a salad to balance up my meal. 

Duck confit and rocket salad with a long list of stuff that I won't remember. Taste was good, and the orange dressing was a bit on the sweet side. Will prefer it to be more tangy. Oh well silly me, it's orange, not lemon or lime. Lol.

Dessert. Selection was good. My friends told me their cakes are dry. Hmm, yes and no. I ate their chocolate cake before in KLCC and yeah, not something I'd like to have again. But this lemon meringue cake is moist and slightly tangy. Sweetness of the lemon curd is just right to balance and yet not overpowering the lemon. I think it's made with an almond sponge, not as dense as a joconde, but like an airy sponge with almonds.
But... The meringue layer is quite minimal. Can't really have some marshmallowy soft egg white goodness. It's seems more for visual enjoyment.

We will be back, if we are around Ipoh's old town. 


reana claire August 21, 2013 at 11:12 AM  

Heard the service not good.. and pricey too... RM58 for a steak? wow.. but I must try the dessert you took... :) Maybe it is still new so service might be a bit slow...

WendyinKK @ Table for 2..... or more August 21, 2013 at 11:15 AM  

Service was so far ok when I went. Not too full. Yeah, still new.

Ken August 21, 2013 at 11:29 AM  

Nice ambiance, but for tourists like us, we'l only know where to find chicken rice, yong tau foo, salt baked chicken, nothing else haha

Hody Loh August 21, 2013 at 11:58 AM  

the place is so nice....rm58 for a steak is ok...Seremban is rm90++ for a steak...Wendy next time I go Ipoh can bring me go ar?hehehehe...

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