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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Restoran New Hollywood @ Ipoh

~Pork Free Kopitiam~

It's not easy to find a kopitiam that caters to our Muslim friends in Ipoh. Most of the time, there is something with pork served in the shop, as pork is a common ingredient in Chinese food, but not all Chinese food contains pork. Pork can just be replaced by Chicken in most cases.


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Boracay 2015 - Day 5 and a Wrap!

Date: 19/12/2015

We woke up early and had our breakfast. We each took the local breakfast as it's going to be a long ride today. Local breakfast consist of rice and dishes, so it's going to be more filling.

This time, we had our breakfast indoors because the tables and chairs were all wet from the morning rain. I had Pork Tocino, and it taste very much like budget Chinese Char Siu. Not that good. It didn't taste like the Pork Tocino I made few years back. But the garlic rice tasted awesome, so.. it's ok.


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Boracay 2015 - Day 4, Station 3 Fun, Cakes and Yum!

Day 4: 17/12/2015

We slept well and woke up refreshed! I love the bed here. :)

We went to the beachfront cafe to have our breakfast. Too bad the typhoon shelter boards were still all around. So, we sat outside. That morning, the cafe had no local breakfast, so we all took American breakfast.  I took sausage and scrambled eggs, one took sausage and sunny side up and another took bacon and sunny side up. The coffee here was good! We each took 3 cups!


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Boracay 2015 - Day 3, Station 1 move to Station 3

Day 3 16/12/2015 morning.... check out day from Residencia. The typhoon has gone a bit further away....but still not too far. The bad day yesterday still had some effect on me.

This morning's breakfast as fast, as we pre-ordered the day before. I ordered Bangus (Milkfish) Breakfast set and my friends had Loganisa (Filipino sausauge) set.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Boracay 2015 - Day 2 Station 1, beach hopping and it's bad day

Date: 15/12/2015

We woke up to a gloomy sky. It was a drizzling morning. The sky gets bright earlier than in Malaysia.
I went out to the beach for a short stroll.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Boracay 2015 - Day 1, The journey there

Date: 14/12/2015

We wanted a ladies' trip.

We 3 good friends decided to have a break on our own, going to somewhere we do not plan to bring our kids to. Few options were discussed and then....Boracay it shall be.

Bookings for tickets were made 11 months ahead and hotels were booked 9 months ahead. Meals planned and reviews read.

We boarded the plane and I sat beside a nice Filipino lady who was returning home for a holiday after working in Malaysia. We chatted and she warned me not to easily trust people in Boracay. She told me how her mother lost her money when her mother kept her bag in a locker while working on the island.

And after a while she told me.... Typhoon is coming!



Thursday, May 26, 2016

Krabi Trip 2015 - Eateries we went to

Besides all the streetfood we walloped, we went to a few restaurants or eateries... And I want to share with you my experience.

1. Ao-nang Seafood Restaurant

We were walking around on our first night there, not idea what to eat.... hubs just took my hand and walked in. Located on Aonang Beach, it's at a prime location where one can dine and watch the sun set. That's what we paid for.
The food was salty, way too salty, but I will say, they do smell good. If only they didn't oversalt, the food will actually taste quite nice.
Price wise, it's not very budget friendly, as my hub's pineapple fried rice was THB350 or was it THB380? I remember I was nagging him for ordering it as I believe other places will be much more cheaper. Our meal here cost us THB980.

I ordered Seafood Tom Kha and lemongrass chicken stir fry. White rice wasn't that nice as well. Had better white rice in Krabi.

After going here,I found that the review on Tripadvisor was kind of.... bad.
To be fair, the view was great.

our meal with a view


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