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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Caden @ Kuala Kangsar

This is the latest restaurant in Kuala Kangsar.

Located at Taman Lavender along the trunk road, opposite the more established Taman Bunga Raya.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Best Rojak in Ipoh

Lots of peanuts!

Lol. Before anyone of you want to stone me, let me clarify that it is claimed by the stall. Not me . See the video. The LED signboard says so.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Indulgence @ Ipoh

Indulgence is one of the few places for better western cuisine in Ipoh. Located in a beautiful colonial bungalow not far from the city center.

Some say it's fine dining here. But to me, it's not.
Fine dining to me has proper table settings with a lots of cutlery and the layout is formal and fixed but here, the setting is casual. They let you use the same knife no matter which mains you ordered and there's no lines of spoons and fork for you to figure out.

the view from one side of my table

I can't deny that many years ago, before I first came here, I had high expectations of the ambience as I heard it was a fine dining restaurant. But when I stepped in and looked around... It felt like the restaurant in the hotel where you have your buffet breakfast, and to be specific, a resort, not a city hotel. It's colourful, with a laid back approach.

Ipoh folks are laid back, love good food but would prefer not to be bound by formalities. I've seen men in shorts and sandals each time I go there. It doesn't matter. A fine dining restaurant will require a proper dress code. Indulgence is just a place for finer imported food (by local standards ) and one seriously do not need to feel intimidated by it.


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