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Friday, May 23, 2014

Kelantanese Fare @ Kuale

I don't know much about the food in town as my hubs don't really go looking around for new stuff. But I'm very much the opposite and love to try new things at new places. Even though sometimes the food isn't much to my own liking.... But at least I now know that it's that way.

My colleague told me about this place just two days ago, because she knew I love Malay food. 

Here's what we had. 

Nasi kerabu. It's rice tinged blue with blue clitoria flower and this one looks like they used the real thing instead of cheating with blue food dye. Plus points for that. It comes with a topping of raw veggies, fish flakes, toasted coconut, raw chilli paste and not forgetting the yummy budu. Budu is the Kelantanese version of fish sauce. 

My portion (RM 4) came with a stuffed chilli known as Solok Lada. My ex colleague in  Pahang, who is a Kelantanese royalty ( she has a formal title on her name) once told me that the chilli is only a vessel to hold the fish paste. It's ok to not eat the chilli. Fish crackers and other condiments are optional and incurs additional payment.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Best Tosai in Kuale

I've past by countless times throughout my 7 years stay in this town and never knew what's here in this shoddy place. Never judge a book by it's cover. 

And when my colleague told me that this place serves the best tosai in town..... I must go there soon.

Prices are affordable and food is good.


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