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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Oz Restaurant, Aussie and Fusion

We came here few weeks back. Located in Medan Baru Ipoh. It's an family restaurant that serves Aussie fusion food.

I'll show you some of the things we ate. 

Portion quite small in a rice bowl. Not the canned stuff. Made with fresh mushrooms and served with real dairy cream. Tasted ok for the price.

Left: Braised Lamb. Served with mint sauce (bottled) coleslaw and roasted potatoes. Tasted ok. Hubs had this. I had a small piece and if I didn't forget it has BBq sauce in it.

Right: Grilled quarterback chicken with 4 sides of choice . I chose coleslaw, baked potatoes, rice and onion rings. Onion rings are from the pack and the rice is a heavily spiced tomato rice of which my kids won't touch. I'm ok with the rice but totally not ok with the gravy. I hate BBQ sauce. The chicken was nicely roasted, tender and good. There were 4 types of gravy to choose and I took onion sauce. Not knowing its sautéed onions drowned in BBQ sauce. So, it could be just me. But I'd say its really value for money. 

Sydney Chicken and mushroom pie. 
My daughter choked on this.
She was eating the puff pastry and suddenly choked and spit everything out. But was still coughing badly. Finally she coughed out a piece of translucent thingy. I took a close look at it and it was plastic from the puff pastry that wasn't peeled off properly. I told the waiter and he won't believe it saying its puff pastry layers. I pulled it for him to see. He then told the kitchen about it and he cane back to apologise. THAT WAS IT. No manager, no person in charge came to us. My daughter refused to eat it anymore. Anyway it wasn't that good anyway. 

Oh yes, and the mash was prepared with margarine, not butter. I'm never a margarine lover. Rather eat oil than margarine. Not because that I knew its hydrogenated but for a very simple reason, the taste. 

Chicken Wellington with Mushroom pâté 
Urghh! BBq sauce again!! The mushroom  wasnt in pâté form and tasted raw. Puff pastry was very very under baked. Needless to say more.

Overall, taste is really not my type as I never liked bottled BBQ sauce and it was used liberally here. Coupled with them serving my daughter plastic, yucks.

On the positive side, portions are really generous, all drinks are very affordable, as you can see fresh fruit juice is only RM4 for a restaurant. We actually had 2 juices but I don't know why they only charged us for one. Hubby just blindly paid the bill and I only noticed it when we reached the car. I don't know if its out of goodwill because my gal spilled one glass or its due to the plastic.

Whatever reason it may be, both my daughters shouted 'NO mom, not that Oz again' whenever we passed by.


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