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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fancy Yong Tofu With Noodles @ Ipoh

We bumped into this place when we sent our girls for a replacement class at another branch for the art lessons she missed few weeks back. Then I saw this shop when my husband parked his car. My heart and jumping with glee. 

Haha, why so? Because I have only seen it on TV and heard about the fancy stuffed tofu but have no idea where the place is. And now it's right infront of me. 

I insisted on having lunch there.

Due to the time, it's already 2pm, most of the things are no longer displayed and are sold out. So we took whatever that is available only. 

The selection of Yong Tofu or stuffed tofu or vegetables with fish paste is actually quite vast. But like I said, our timing just wasn't right. 

We ordered two bowl of noodles with 16 pcs of YTF. Hubby took yellow noodles with curry broth and I took rice vermicelli with clear broth.

The curry broth looks red, but my hubby said it's not spicy. His heat tolerance is much lower than mine.

And this is the break up of the YTF from the bowl in the first picture. The Fishballs are all in my son's bowl and not shown in this post.

Top right, squarish one is stuffed tofu puff, top left is mushroom and vege, Middle is chilli and spring onion, this one is hot!! The chilli aren't for deco, they are there for heat. The green one is the best, basil fish paste stuffed tofu. 

These are the stuffed vegetables I chose. Stuffed broccoli was crisp and the stuffed long bean rosette was a bit too hard. Sadly the stuffed romaine and baby bokchoy looks like a mess because they snipped it into half. Next time I'll tell them to leave them whole. 

The brown one is pork tendon ball and the greenish one is basil fish ball. Not as intensely basil as the one in the tofu. I ordered a few fish balls and they are not in this pic. 

The meal was complemented with these two glasses of iced white coffee, very frothy :)

My hubby would like to remind you to bring clean money. Lol.

Why? We paid for the drinks first and were given change. When we paid for the noodles, we used the change that we given to us. The waitress refused to take one of the coins that looked dark. My husband told her, I'm just giving back what your restaurant gave me. If you don't want blackened coins, why did you give it to me?

Food cost: RM 18.30
Drinks : RM 3.40

Restoran Chin Seng
19, Selasar Rokam 11,
Taman Ipoh Jaya
31350 Ipoh 

It's not far from Yee Hup confectionary or  Sun Yeong Wai roast duck.


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