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Friday, May 9, 2014

Best Tosai in Kuale

I've past by countless times throughout my 7 years stay in this town and never knew what's here in this shoddy place. Never judge a book by it's cover. 

And when my colleague told me that this place serves the best tosai in town..... I must go there soon.

Prices are affordable and food is good.

The tosai doesn't taste the same from the other shops. It's crispy although not very brown and oily. There is some chewiness, nuttiness to it that isn't found in other tosai in town. I'm curious to crack the secret... What gave it that different texture?? Parboiled rice, the beige coloured rice locally known as beras masak that is known to be chewy after cooked?  I don't know, but it surely doesn't taste like regular rice. 

The coconut chutney is fabulous! They even grind up the mustard seeds. The chutney is very flavourful.

The rest of condiments in this server is sambar, dhall curry and sardine curry. Mutton curry, chicken curry and fish curry gravy upon request. 

Our breakfast with one Teh Tarik, one iced coffee, two roti canai and one tosai cost RM 6. Tosai cost RM1 each. Condiments in the quad server are complimentary. Curries with meat are charged.

Gerai Azrina Maju
Jalan Dato Sagor,
Kuala Kangsar,

*50m from Gandhi Tamil Primary School. 

Went again few days later 

Look at the holes :-)


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