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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tim Ho Wan @ KL

I came here today... Thinking the queue is going to be crazy....

I arrived at 6, saw around 15 people queuing... Not that bad eh. But my friend won't be arriving yet. And so... I came back again at 6.30pm... Darn! More than double are waiting. My friend and I just queued up and chatted as we waited. It's been many years since we last had a catch up. And it took us around 30 minutes to get a table. Not too bad :-)

While waiting in queue, we were given order chits. There are pictures of the food placed along the queue line. 

Now... About the food. 

Dessert came first. Delicious. But a bit too little pomelo for me.

Teochew dumpling. Soft dumpling skin, and the peanut in the filling is yummy. 

Malai cake. Okla.... But our piece was short

My friend didn't like this, but I quite enjoyed the gummy texture of the beef patty. Imagine melted tendons :-)
I like the taste of dried tangerine and lemongrass in the beef.
The rice is under the beef. And I wonder why they deco it with a yucky yellow coriander leaf.

Cheong Fun with sesame sauce. Yummy.

Siew Mai with prawn. Nice.

Beancurd skin with pork and shrimp... Okla.....

This one came soooo late. They said computer jammed. Maybe I had been expecting better. I didn't eat any before I took picture. The crust is crispy... It's okla to me. I wish the filling can blow me away


Tim Ho Wan KL business hours and contact number. 

I won't be jumping in ecstasy after eating. The food does taste alright, but will I be coming here again?? 
Maybe not.

But one compliment. I didn't feel thirsty after eating, something of which happens all the time after eating dimsum. Brownie points for that. 


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