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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sangkaya Coconut Ice Cream

Sangkaya is Thai for custard.

But this ice cream is not egg based, it's more like a sherbet when no eggs or dairy cream is used, hence... Less rich, light like a sherbet. Not everybody likes rich desserts. 

The signboard needs a good eye to watch out for, as it is above the salon's signboard. The shop is slightly further down the street from Paparich. 

We ordered the signature coconut ice cream:- 4 small scoops in half a coconut shell (not husk! As it is not the hairy part), with some coconut flesh underneath and three types of topping (self service). I chose toasted coconut flakes, peanut and sweet corn.

And the Cha Yen ice cream as well. 

My husband tried it, asked me what's the big fuss about this ice cream. Lol. Well, I told him, something different mah. I quite liked the chai yen ice cream, but three mini scoops aren't quite satisfying. 

They don't taste cloying at all... Light ......lighter than ice cream potong.

If u ask me to tell the truth, I'd rather go have a bowl of cendol to get my coconut milk fix, of which I do crave once a while.
It's a bit too light for my preference. I just tried this once, maybe I was unlucky that the coconuts weren't in their prime state, of which resulted in a less coconutty dessert, maybe I over expected. And as always, my taste your taste.... 

And if you would like to know which type of coconut milk did they use? It's fresh coconut milk, not canned. So no worries about that typical weird smell found in canned coconut milk.

Let me try those in Thailand... Then maybe my opinion may be different by then 

PJ uptown branch :
No. 80, Ground Floor, Jalan SS21/39, Damansara Utama


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