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Monday, August 17, 2015

Krabi Trip 2015 - Itinerary

It's been almost 10 years since I last had a vacation... not those one two nights kinda stuff..but something longer and fun.

This time, we left the kids in the care of our in laws and off we went to our first trip to Thailand.

I've been to almost all the states (except Sabah) in Malaysia prior to having kids and hopefully I will be able to cover South East Asia within these few years of my new found freedom :)

We went to Krabi for 6 days. Crazy? LOL. Not really.
This is our itinerary.. what we did.

As we love food, I chose to spend 3 nights in Krabi town to maximize our eating experience, of which was the right decision, I ate all day!. Aonang has not much to offer in terms of food.

Just in case you need to know, Krabi is not where the beach is. Aonang is the beach area. A simple comparison will be Georgetown- Krabi Town and Batu Feringghi-Aonang.

There are things that I wished we would've done earlier instead of packing them all on the last day, but the weekday walking street as a sudden discovery and I just had to go. And I wished I visited Anchalee twice or thrice as the list of food I wanted to try was just too long.

Day 1:
Flight to Krabi
Airport Transfer to Aonang beach
Walk around Aonang, Bikini shopping

Island hopping tour scouting
Thai Massage

Walk to Norparrat Thara Beach
Seaside dinner.
Walk along Moo 2

Day 2:
Morning to evening (10am-8.30pm)
7 island Tour

Rest.....and eat snacks and drink beer in hotel room

Day 3:
Walk along Aonang Beach, take pictures
Check out

Transfer to 2nd hotel in Krabi Town
Lunch in Krabi Town
Walk to Vogue Supermarket

Weekend Walking Street

Tesco Hypermarket

Day 4:
Krabi Town Morning Market
Photography along Krabi River, the big crab!
Big C, Outlet Village

Rode to Thara Park, and then Aonang Beach
Stop at Ao Mam Food Market
Picnic at Norparrat Thara Beach

Weekend Walking Street

Day 5:
Krabi Town Morning Market
Hot Spring

Emerald Pool
Lunch at Emerald Pool

Dinner at Anchalee, Krabi town

Krabi town Tesco Lotus
Weekday Walking Street
Chao Fah Pier

Day 6:
Last stop at Morning Market to get Kuih and fresh ingredients
Check out
Airport Transfer
Flight to Malaysia

Krabi Trip 2015 Compilation

1. Hotels We Stayed and might stay in the future
2. Itinerary
3. How We Got Around- Transportation information

4. Food We Ate--- a long list of food
5. Eateries We Went To

Things to Do
6. Attractions We Went To
7. Massage We Went to
8. Island Hopping
9. Shopping
10. Visit Markets - Night Market, Fruit Market, Morning Market


PH August 17, 2015 at 1:38 PM  

Good for your Wendy! I have never been to Krabi. Looking forwards to your next post and especially want to see the food :)

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