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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vietnamese Food at Yi Kun Food Store @ Taiping

I don't know the history of this kopitiam but now they serve Vietnamese fare. We didn't intend to eat here, but in a food court in Taiping town.

The moment we got down the car, I saw this restaurant opposite the road... And my mother in law and I got interested immediately. They offer dining options with dishes or noodles. 

We were pretty satisfied with the food and the final bill was less than RM45 with drinks included.

Vietnamese style satay with a local touch.  The sauce is local and so are the onions and cucumbers.

Pho Bo, or beef noodles. Very well seasoned. 

Bo Luc Lac or shaking beef. Tender garlicky wokky beef. Absolutely delicious!! I can taste a touch of butter used in it. 

Ban Xeo, crisp and nice. Downside.... I sensed there's canned coconut milk in it. Mother in law wondered why they won't use fresh coconut milk since it's easily available here. 

We didn't intend to order 3 pieces... But it was out of confusion.... We asked for 3 pcs popiah and these came instead ...

They call it Vietnamese Chee cheong fun,  forgive me for not knowing the proper name as it wasn't displayed. We asked for non spicy version and girl enjoyed it.

There's a local Chinese guy doing the waitering and the food is cooked by Vietnamese ladies who speaks minimal Mandarin. Be careful if you walked over to the stalls and asked for popiah. You'll get Ban Xeo instead of rice spring rolls. The guy waiter knew of this 'common' issue and explained to us. 

The menu is either in Vietnamese or mandarin, so I'm pretty much in a daze over what's available unless I can recognize the Vietnamese name. 

The choice of noodles is not listed much in the menu, but I do see vermicelli at their stall but can't find the display for me to point, haha. So it'll be an advantage if you know the Vietnamese name for the dishes you hope to eat and ask for it. 

The shop is in town, right opposite Esso petrol station. I didn't take down the address, but if you spot the petrol station, you will be able to find this place right in Taiping town. 


Phong Hong March 24, 2014 at 2:35 PM  

Very authentic then, with menu in Vietnamese and Vietnamese ladies doing the cooking. I would have been very interested too. I wonder how the Vietnamese style satay taste like.

Angeline BK March 24, 2014 at 11:33 PM  

I've tried the food there once. I haven't tasted the beef noodle yet. Probably tomorrow night. Thanks for sharing

Angeline BK March 24, 2014 at 11:35 PM  

Their satay is very nice. I like their nutty sauce...

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