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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Gee Seng Seafood @ Bukit Tambun, Prai

Rustic seafood restaurant, on the river banks. Not the most beautiful restaurant in the area, but definitely the busiest. The other restaurants are like... Swatting flies and this restaurant is fully occupied. There must be a reason but we have never dared to find out why :-)

We just stuck here for 7 years.

Introduced here by our friend Kenny, it's not far from Penang. If you are coming from south, the highway exit is after the new Penang Bridge, at Bukit Tambun. After you exit the toll, you will reach a T junction. Turn right there and head towards Bukit Tambun. Go all the way until a DEAD END. Parking isn't free, there is a RM1 'looking fee'. 

There's live seafood, and dead ones. Things like fish are not swimming except freshwater fish like marbled goby. 

I don't think all are local catches. 

Each time, we will surely order their fried mee sua. Portion is not big. And you can be quite surprised at their 5 servings portion.

These are the other things we ordered.

Stir fried baby bok Choy. Normal stuff.

Boiled sea snails. Usually a delight to eat, but today, most of them were sandy, yucks! Bad luck for us.

Cereal prawns. Crunchy cereal... My kids love this. I requested for the shells to be partially removed. 

Blanched baby octopus. My fav!! My kids were appalled by the curly tentacles. Haha. Very crunchy and tender. No worries about chewing.

Crab porridge, teochew style... Only 1 big mud crab, as per our request. The kids don't eat crab.

Steamed snapper. Freeeeeeeshhhhh!!

And you can order chrysanthemum tea by the jug

Pros: food came really quick. I just brought my kids to see the live seafood for less than 10 minutes and two dishes arrived.

Cons: As with most busy restaurants, don't expect affable service. And if you are very particular about hygiene, you might not like this place, but plates and cutleries are clean, no oiliness and no stains. As it is located at a dead end, traffic congestion is a sure thing. Be patient and courteous. 

Now.... Washroom. Haha!! My kids will try not to go. Go figure :-)

Both types are available, depends on your preference. But all goes down the same place, it's either you see it or you don't see it.

And how much was the dinner for 2 adults 3 kids? Worth the 1 hour 15 mins drive? 


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