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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Peng Hwa Lok Lok @ Penang

      .... And this isn't fully laid out yet!!! 

Lok lok is steamboat on skewers. I love steamboat but find lok lok to be costlier than regular steamboat. That is the main deterrent for me to indulge.

But whenever I come to Penang, I yearn for Lok lok, because of the affordability and the type of things they offer. The last time I had it here at Peng Hwa was 8 years ago, before I had my first baby. Now that all 3 kids are bigger, we try to bring them and eat hawker food, rather than just staying in 'child friendly, air conditioned' places.

It's located at Pulau Tikus wet market. Just search for 'pasar pulau tikus' and your GPS should be able to find it. The stalls are just beside the market. 

We came at 4.45pm and the stall was just preparing. We were their first customers of the day. By 5pm we were seated with a wide array of 'sticks' and a pot of boiling water in the Middle of the table. It's just water, not broth, not supposed to be taken.

They charge according to what you eat, according to the colour painted at the back of the skewer. And the table is meant to be shared. Anyone can sit as long as there is an empty chair.

With all the food displayed on your table, one is not obliged to eat them all. But if you can, I think you will make them very happy, haha. Ask for refills if you find the one you want is finished at your table.

But, if you decide not to sit, you can stand at the stall and blanch your sticks. It's ok.

Now... Some of the not so regular stuff that is hard to get at other Lok lok stalls out of Penang

Octopus.... My ultimate favourite here.


Mantis prawns

Sea snails....

More sea snails ... This one is good!

And these are the complimentary sauces available. I love the spicy sour torch ginger sauce, the one that looks pinkish at the back. Sweet red sauce is available upon request.

And if you worry about nature calls, the washroom is just located at the other side of the market. Washed and I didn't detect offensive smells, maybe because it was just cleaned. No charges for use.

The damage was RM63.20, drinks not included. I am totally satisfied compared to eating at a regular steamboat eatery. 

Tables are very limited.... And be prepared to share tables. 

Peng Hwa Lok Lok
Pulau Tikus Pasar
Penang Island
5pm onwards


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