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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Soon Wah @ Klang

Came here today for dinner with relatives.

Here's what we ate. 

The 'famous' fish and taro soup. Made with fresh fish or fish head, your option , in salted fish broth. Errrr... The salted fish taste is a bit overpowering for us, I had to add water. 

Braised chicken with mushrooms. Tender and flavourful.

Double style tofu. Fried tofu and steamed egg tofu, sandwiching a piece of fish paste 'ham'. I don't quite enjoy the fish paste, it has a sourish aftertaste. But tofu is nice.

The other dishes are quite the norm like prawn omelette and stir fried sweet potato shoots. 

Most of the dishes are on the salty side for our tastebud. Maybe it's the norm for their usual clients, maybe just not for us.

Here's the bill 

And the address for Soon Wah Restaurant in Taman Berkeley Klang


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