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Monday, February 23, 2015

Laksa Pokok Limau @ Kuale

The latest laksa fad to hit town, but has made many addicted to it. I think it's here to stay for a long long time, and I heard from a friend that it even has spread to Ipoh.

I myself, am a laksa addict. I leave almost nothing in my bowl or plate. Not to be confused with the rich coconutty laksa from the south , Northern laksa is light, spicy and sour, and made with a beautiful  aromatic fish broth.

I was introduced to this laksa by my colleague, and once bitten... I'm all yours, addicted. Haha. 

If you read my cooking blog, you will know how much I don't like the usual type of laksa in Kuale. But this is different. The broth taste richer, noodles are the thick rice noodles (not thick wheat noodles) and the best part is the lacy omelette. 

It's that omelette! If one isn't told it's made with egg, one might think it's fried beancurd skin, or generally known as fuchuk here. One of my colleague was surprised when she got to know it's egg. 

It greatly enhances the whole experience. But the laksa here is good enough even without the lacy omelette. It actually reminds me of Pak Yob's laksa. 

Now... This place is a bit tricky to find. Although it's along the trunk road, there is no 3G in that area. Therefore I can't get the location accurately. I'm quite a noob with phone apps. But if you were to type Kota Lama Kiri, you should be able to find this place as it's just along the road that connects Sungai Siput to Kuala Kangsar. It's about 5 minutes to town

There is another branch of which is situated not far from the toll booth of Kuala Kangsar. 

You can actually ask for just egg and  gravy. Or even just gravy. Lol. Don't you just love the options they offer?

My hubby and I ate 3 servings... And bought 3 servings home for relatives. 


Laksa Pokok Limau
Kota Lama Kiri,
Kuala Kangsar


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