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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Koka Purple Wheat Noodles with Chilli Lime dressing

Saw this at the supermarket. Attracted by purple wheat noodles and the dressing.

The raw noodles look so shiny.. Like waxy.

The outcome: 
The taste was not spicy and not tangy, doesn't stand out at all. I was expecting something to awaken my senses. 
The noodles really needs 3 minutes of cooking as I went with 2 and were a bit too chewy. Cooking water turned slightly purplish, as with most natural purple food, so I try not to think too much.

I bought a large pack and still have 4 individual packs to go. The next time I will cook 2 packs and season with 1.5 packs of seasoning, as a single serving of the noodle was small and the seasoning a bit too much. 

Won't get more after I finish them for the reason of taste. 


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