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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Boracay 2015 - Day 2 Station 1, beach hopping and it's bad day

Date: 15/12/2015

We woke up to a gloomy sky. It was a drizzling morning. The sky gets bright earlier than in Malaysia.
I went out to the beach for a short stroll.

Residencia at Station 1. Beachfront.

Went to the cafe and had our breakfast. As we didn't preorder the day before, breakfast took some time to be ready. As we waited we were served mini toast, coffee and juice. The waiter is a nice guy.

There were a few choice for breakfast. We can choose from Filipino breakfast (2 choices) and Western breakfast. Local Filipino breakfast comes with rice, either white rice or garlic rice.

I had Beef Tapas and my friends went for Bacon Eggs and Toast. Beef Tapas is seasoned pan fried beef. The yellow crispy stuff next to the beef tapas is crispy anchovies. I bought some from Talipapa to bring home. I tried the Coconut Vinegar that they put on the table as a condiment. It's nice. Coconut vinegar is a Filipino ingredient.

Left : Beef Tapas,  Right: American Breakfast

Bulabog Beach

After breakfast, the rain seemed to have stopped..but the sky was cloudy. Since our hotel has nothing much to do, we decided to go out, and not waste our time in Boracay.

We walked for a short while and then it started to drizzle again. We called for a tricycle and rode to Bulabog beach for 60pesos. So glad we took a tricycle ride. The way in was not walk-able. Water puddles were big and deep.. and the worse puddle was 2 meters long, and took up the whole small lane. It was raining by the time we reached Bulabog and so we sat around the beach, shaded at the kite surfing area.

click to see large panoramic picture
Pump boats stop here on Bulabog and there are quite a lot of them here. Bulabog is famous for Kite surfing, but, it's typhoon day...........duh!!!!

The beach here has lots of seaweed scraps. It's just seaweed, natural :)

When the rain stopped again, we went down to the beach. The skies were grey and the beach was dotted with grey decaying seaweed. A few Korean guys came and talked to us for 15 minutes and then we bid them farewell. Trying to get another tricycle out of Bulabog is difficult as not many tricycle came here this day due to the typhoon. Some just wanted to take advantage of our situation and asked for 120 pesos, just to get to Station 2, which was like.... less than 300m away! The problem was, we can't walk past the huge muddy puddles throughout the lane.

Bad Day!

Puka Beach

We finally got a tricycle and from Bulabog, we rode to Puka Beach. The ride was long and it cost us 150pesos. Sea shell stalls were all around and here.... it's where one gets ready to be 'ketuked'.

Because of the typhoon, the beach wasn't as pretty as described by many on the internet. But I enjoyed it because I saw a lot of seaweed washed ashore!

The sand here isn't as white as White Beach.

We spent around 2 hours here, watching the waves, drinking beer and eating very expensive meat skewers at 300pesos for 5 sticks. I negotiated and they gave us 9. Still it was very expensive. Around RM3 per satay stick, like that! The Koreans who came just ordered so much food and filled up the table with meat skewers and beer and coconut. We just couldn't bear with the price. Actually we didn't know that this beach is a tourist trap, and since we have already sat there.. just order something.

click on the picture to see a large panaromic view of Puka Beach
We went back to our hotel to take a short rest and off we go again ...

Bad Bad Day!

Talipapa (Station 2-3)

This time to another tourist trap. Talipapa.

No price was shown, none!

Huge huge cockles!
Live shellfish and sea urchins

Prices were not displayed and the quoted prices are based on the Japanese and Hong Kong rates for seafood. It was just so expensive. I tried hard to get a good bargain and finally I didn't know why I paid a stupid amount for the shellfishes. I only realised my stupidity when I started to walk towards the cooking restaurant showed to me by the fishmonger.

Only the crabs were a good deal, the rest..... I just felt stupid.

The sea urchins taste urrrgh!

And the price to cook these.... was 1500 pesos, just for cooking! I didn't feel like negotiating anymore as I had no mood. Food was already bought, there was no escaping.

All in all... I didn't have a good experience there.

Bad Bad bad day!

The words of my Filipino friend on the plane just hit me hard.

D'mall at Night

We went to D'mall to walk after a lousy dinner. Just trying to see what could be there. If you think that D'mall is an air conditioned shopping mall, you might be in for a shock. When it rains, you will get soaked and the floor is all wet with puddles of water.

All the stores in D'mall.

Dulcinea Filipino Pastries

We wanted to go for Filipino cakes at Cafe Del Sol's, but the place was full. So, we bought some Filipino pastries from Dulcinea's pastry booth right on the beach.

We bought one Sans rival ( I made it once, and you can see it here ) and one Silvanas. They are almost the same stuff, except that Silvanas/sylvanas is frozen and coated with crumbs rather than nuts. These are rich stuff and they are sweet, but still bearable. We three agreed that we prefer the silvanas. And I prefer the Sans Rival I made myself, hahaha. It's simply because I used real butter and this one didn't, the flavour would obviously be different.

Julie's Bakeshop

We felt sweaty and walk out to the main road of D'mall to catch a tricycle back to the hotel. Then we saw this shop.
Pastries were very affordable. But... very dry.... too dry. Sorry, I can't finish the piece I bought for 5 pesos, yes just 5 pesos.

I bought this purple pastry.

Jonah's Juice

We got back to the hotel to bathe and after that decided to walk to Jonah's to get a drink and sit at the beach.

We walked back to the hotel, with juice in hand and then we saw a massage parlour, Palasso Spa. We three women went in for a full body massage, clothed. Not Pinoy style but Swedish, the only style they have.

After the massage we walked back and sat on the beach for a while and the wind came with some rain. Yikes!

Nice to sit at night. A guard is on duty to make sure we are safe.

We came back to the room and I looked at myself.... my clothes are all oily!

Even though we didn't opt for oil massage, but I guess the parlour didn't change their sheets. Each of us tried hard to scrub away the grease and it took us 2 long showers (tonight and the next day) to get our self clean enough.

Bad Bad Bad Bad day!


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