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Monday, July 6, 2015

SYW Roast Duck @ Ipoh

Restoran SYW is actually the famous Sun Yeong Wai's branch in Ipoh town. Located in the same touristy area of Funny Mountain, Sin Eng Heong and a street away from Lou Wong.

This restaurant differs with the other Sun Yeong Wai's with fresh juices, and nicer ambience, nicer plating and nicer staff too. Food quality stays the same.

There is smoked duck on the menu butttttt it is not available at this branch. Only at the headquarters in Gunung Rapat. Sheeeeshhh!! 

But overall, the dining experience was satisfactory and price is very much ok.

Signature duck, 1/4 bird. Moist roasted duck flavoured with dong gwai (angelica). 
It's my favourite.

Peipa duck. 1/2 bird. The skin isn't as crispy as how I have eaten in other places, it's drier than signature duck.
Served with a sweet sauce on the base.

Char Siew... If you don't have tummy space, it's alright to give this a miss. Maybe it was cold. Didn't quite like it

My eldest kid insisted on having chicken, so we ordered this for her, roasted chicken rice for one. I didn't taste it.

Boiled duck salad, something like a kerabu. Sour, not that spicy, lightly sweet ... It's very appetising when eaten together with the heavy dishes

Pumpkin pork rib soup. My son enjoyed this a lot.

Hot tea, individually portioned so that each can have their own selection. There are 4 types of tea to choose from. Price?  RM2 per pax. Hot water is refillable. 

Here is the menu for you to see and if you want more vegetables, or other dishes, there're a few for you to choose from.

This is what we paid for our meal for 3 adults and 3 kids. 
The address and contact is stated on the receipt. 
Prices are GST inclusive and no service charge even though they keep on topping up our tea with hot water.

Opening hours are from 11am to 9pm and off day is on Wednesday. 


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