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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Boracay 2015 - Day 4, Station 3 Fun, Cakes and Yum!

Day 4: 17/12/2015

We slept well and woke up refreshed! I love the bed here. :)

We went to the beachfront cafe to have our breakfast. Too bad the typhoon shelter boards were still all around. So, we sat outside. That morning, the cafe had no local breakfast, so we all took American breakfast.  I took sausage and scrambled eggs, one took sausage and sunny side up and another took bacon and sunny side up. The coffee here was good! We each took 3 cups!

Surfside Resort morning view from the beach

After breakfast, we changed and went for our Paraw sailing, as promised to Jon at 9am. He really remembered our casual ok and he was walking towards us, waving happily and reminded us of our promise yesterday. LOL.

sea was all calm when we started...

The sky was gloomy.... we were not sure if we should go, since the typhoon is still alive somewhere not too far off.  Sea seemed calm but the sky! Jon assured us it will be ok. So off we went!

One paraw was managed by 3 boatsmen. We wondered why..... and we knew it later on. One for steering, one for sail management, and the other for balancing. It was hardwork!

The experience of sitting on a paraw was awesome. We really enjoyed it, feet touching the sea and wind blowing in our faces..... awesome! The sea was so clear that I saw the rocks and corals underneath my feet. Too bad the sky wasn't clear.

Lie down or sit up..... :)

And the sea turned rough! Skies turned really grey! One tall wave hit us and my friend's bag was swept away! One boatman jumped into the sea and rescued our bag! We were scared but yet grateful to him. Actually our money to pay them was inside the bag, lol. That's what we kept saying to them, the money the money!

The ride lasted an hour and if only we had one more day, we will go for another ride. The other activities didn't quite appeal to us as some were really expensive, like kite surfing. We didn't bother to snorkel as we have had nice snorkeling experiences in Malaysia and the typhoon was there! We weren't keen with Helmet diving as well, as my friend has tried it and told us her ears hurt like hell. I have sensitive ear pressure as well, so I didn't want to as well. Cliff diving.... errrr..... we felt we were too told, LOL.

We stayed on the beach and played in the sea until it was around lunch time. Station 3's beach is quite nice too! Although the sand is not as fine and the beach not as wide as Station 1.

Lunch....... we head off to Station 2. The walk to Dmall from Station 3 was so much nearer compared to Station 1.

Snacks and Filipino Cakes

This time, we made sure we eat Inasal and Filipino cake!

But before that, I saw this Banana cue stall right on the beach. not to try! So yum! and it was only 15 pesos. Warm grilled bananas with a crispy caramel crust! It's to die for!

Then..... we saw Real Coffee! LOL. Another calamansi muffin to be shared. We didn't quite understand the hype surrounding this muffin. I think the one I made has more calamansi flavour. This one only had hints of calamansi, light hints.

Then.... we saw this pineapple cake at 928 Cafe & Grill in Station 3, LOL. Chicken Inasal.. wait ah.. we eat pineapple cake first. The texture was some what unfamiliar. It's spongy, I mean like a sponge, literally. Sweet with the fragrance of pineapple. My friends liked it a lot and I'm on the fence.

We went to Mang Inasal (D'mall) and ordered one set to share. It didn't taste foreign, instead it tasted familiar, like pasar malam chicken wings, LOL. There are other shops selling Chicken Inasal such as Andok's. But Mang Inasal's queue is always much longer.

Then we head off to Cafe Del Sol at D'Mall (Beachfront) and finally got ourself a table!

I took the lead and ordered Brazo de Mercedes, Ube Caramel Cake and Lemon Roll. The first two were Filipino cakes and the lemon roll was just to tone down our tastebuds with something refreshing.
Had the cakes with tea and they were so yum yum! My favourite was the Ube Caramel Cake.

Top Left: Ube Caramel Cake, Top right: Lemon roulade, bottom left: Brazo de Mercedez

After eating and eating.... we went shopping!

From Dmall, we walked to the main road. From there, we walked along the local shops. We saw a pork shop and peeked at the prices. Pork there cost the same as Malaysia, so, why are their pork dishes so expensive?

Then we saw more local bakeries... didn't try any. I do remember some of the names from Philippines Food Fest, a blogging event I organised some time ago. See the entries here

We went into a local grocery shop and I bought some local ingredients, like rice, macupuno and kare kare mix,  We also went into Budget Mart (station 3) and bought Goldilocks Polvorones and some other local snacks to bring home. My friend bought local instant noodles, that they call Pancit.

The street along Station 3 is very local. With vegetables and local food.

Filipino Canned Food  and 7D dried mango

Then I saw this Lumpia stall. It wasn't cheap! Again, it's made with pork. Lumpia shanghai was 10 pesos each and the one with a green chilli was 20 pesos. Were we cheated? Anyway, just try la. We like the one with green chilli.

We felt really tired and walked back to our hotel. I saw Banana cue again, and bought another stick. LOL, it's sooo nice!

Took a rest, and we shall go out for another round of walloping!

Sea Breeze Cafe Buffet

It's buffet night! We passed by this place the day before and we tried the beef steak samples. It was so good!

So, we decided to have it on our last night. We went to Sea Breeze Cafe 20 minutes ahead of opening time and there was a queue! After 5 minutes of queuing, they starting to let us in (15 minutes ahead). The process was slow, as everybody had to pay before going in. Very soon, the place was filled up!

It's hard to miss this place with a big piece of chuck steak grilling on the beach

Western Pastry and Desserts

Filipino Desserts

Some of the mains were Lechon Kawali (Roast Pork), Steak, Steamed Crabs, clams, sushi, teppanyaki, and local dishes.

We had a lot of food. I ate a lot of steak. It was what that drew us to this restaurant. I felt, only the steak was good, the rest was an ok. Even the Lechon kawali wasn't impressive.

As always, Sea breeze cafe always ends their day with a staff performance at the cafe's entrance right on the beach. Lively energetic dance moves with popular music. It's a very smart gimmick. It makes tourists take videos and share on social media. It's free publicity!

We were stuffed... so stuffed.

We ended the day with a nice 2 hour massage at our Hotel's spa..... Bliss :)

That's Surfside's Nagisa restaurant down there.


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