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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Boracay 2015 - Day 3, Station 1 move to Station 3

Day 3 16/12/2015 morning.... check out day from Residencia. The typhoon has gone a bit further away....but still not too far. The bad day yesterday still had some effect on me.

This morning's breakfast as fast, as we pre-ordered the day before. I ordered Bangus (Milkfish) Breakfast set and my friends had Loganisa (Filipino sausauge) set.

Be careful with the bones.

After the yummy meal, we changed into our swim suits and went to the beach... finally there was some sun!

It'll be such a waste staying in Station 1 but not having fun on the beach. So glad we did

Can you see how clear the water is? Even when there's actually typhoon not too far away?
Usually on the beach, the water is more murky due to the waves washing up the sand...but not in Boracay! It's so clear on a typhoon day!


We played like little kids in the sea, took selfies and laughed a lot.

Click on the picture to see a large panaromic picture of Station 1 White Beach

We saw kite surfing on Station 1 and the charges are seriously not cheap. 5 figure in Pesos.
Checked out and left out luggage at hotel, then walked to lunch.

Maya Restaurant at Jony's.
On the first night we arrived, remember we walked with a staff from Residencia? She introduced Jony's Boodle Fight to us. We didn't know what it was.

My friend wanted to eat Lechon Kawali because she saw it on Pamana's menu the other day. With Jony having a good reputation for Lechon Kawali, we decided to eat there.

We each ordered juice and and sadly they ran out of Lechon Kawali. So disappointing! They showed us a menu for Boodle Fight and yeah.. we remembered. So we ordered  the last set available, with some changes due to availability.

It was quite a wait and when the food came out on the shoulders of 2 waiters, yes 2, we were surprised that it was so huge! The whole platter was almost 4ft long! We didn't expect it to look like that.

So happy that we actually clapped our hands in excitement. LOL. Luckily not many people were there.

Small pieces of banana leaf were given out and we were supposed to eat with our hands, not cutlery, to enjoy the true spirit of Boodle fight, celebrating our 'sisterhood', our the friendship. We got busy eating and eating. Since it was a meal meant for 4 persons, we couldn't finish the rice, but we finished all the dishes. I think this set can feed up to 6 persons. There was a lot of rice, and they served us quality Filipino rice, that was nice and chewy. So worth it!

wash your hands... not for drinking

After lunch we went back to Residencia to get our luggage and got a tricycle to bring us to Station 3. This time the fare was 120Pesos. It was really kind of far and it was off the main road.

I took these pictures along the way.....

D'mall :)

Not a craft shop, but a small shopping center.

Mc Donald's

Surfside Resort

The welcome was warm, with cold juice, cold towel and a pretty stone necklace for each of us!

The room was neat, clean and nothing too fancy. There's a safety box, separated shower and toilet, and most of all, good comfortable beds. I could finally sleep well. Take note that this hotel does not provide water refills and there is no kettle. There's only 3 teeny bottles of water and that's all. When I arrived, I asked if I can refill my bottle, the staff said yes, And after an hour later, I went down to refill, the staff said I can't. I don't think they are the same person, but I can't quite recognize them.

All three are separated. We could get ready faster in the morning or night.

And then we walked out to dinner....

We saw paraw parked on the beach and this guy Jon approached us, offering us a ride on the paraw. He talked to us, and we found the price to be ok. So, we told him casually, come look for us tomorrow at our hotel, and straight away, he said, Surfside right? How did he know????

Pau Patri, Visayan cuisine

Tonight's dinner will be at Pau Patri, a restaurant specializing in Visayan cuisine. I read it wasn't easy to find the way it.. it's pretty much.... hidden. We had to enter a dark alley next to Deparis and then walk through the residential area and finally... we saw it.

kept our shoes in the baskets

We loved the wooden walkway and when we arrived, the place is so nicely lit. The ambience was wonderful!

We were directed to a nice round table.

I read that Pau Patri's food comes in huge servings, and so, we just ordered three dishes. Indeed they were! Prices were not cheap, but I think the environment, serving size and service justified it. The food was good too! Rice served was of good quality. The fish was really fresh. We all enjoyed the Torta Talong very much.

We three ladies stayed there a bit too long, until the waiters no longer filled our water glasses, LOL. So, we took cue and left. We were too full actually, LOL. Actually we were the only customers there that night, from 6pm til 8pm. We saw no one else.

After a very satisfying dinner, so satisfied that your tummies felt like bursting, we went souvenir shopping around Station 3 and we bought our 7D dried mangos, fridge magnets and some other stuff.
We walked along the beach again... and it started to rain! Urrrghhh1 Typhoon I hate you! The shower stopped after 15 minutes. We need to go to the ladies and the only public one was at Dmall. It's another walk again....

Some of the Filipino snacks I bought as souvenirs

Bought these fancy fish slippers for the kids

The weather didn't seem good, so we went back to the hotel for a good night's rest instead.


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Phong Hong June 21, 2016 at 1:00 PM  

Wow! I like that Boodle Fight. Never heard of it until read it here. You had such a nice vacation with your friends.

WendyinKK June 21, 2016 at 6:48 PM  

Phong Hong,
The day before was bad, sadly :-( lol

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