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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Patisserie Boutique Cafe @ Ipoh old town

Came here last Weekend....
Looks really rustic... In a what you may perceive as ruins

But inside... It's nicely done. 

You might easily miss this place as the signage is at a minimum.. But look out for these trellises. 

It's just hidden behind it 

Here are the cakes....

Selection : not much, mostly for chocolate lovers. So, nothing appeals to me.

Pastry: Quiches, didn't try, so I don't know if they are made with butter or not. Many in town do not use real butter or use compound butter.

And our food... Chicken ham, omelette sandwich. 

Smoked salmon omelette sandwich ... 

When I saw the name of this cafe Patisserie Boutique, I thought this cafe will pride itself with good bread and pastry. But but... I really regretted paying so much for Gardenia bread, those loaves with lots of seeds sold at almost every grocery shop around the corner. 

Factory mass made bread... Oh my ... 

At least trick me with Aeon's rustic loaves la....

Smoked duck aglio olio.. Well seasoned, garlicky, and topped with Made In China smoked duck. I am not on diet but the portion seems suitable for a small eater. So, don't worry,  you will have tummy space to eat other Ipoh goodies.

Matcha lava cake... Or let's say kuih. It's molten alright... But that's all. Ice cream is alright.

Location and contact of Patisserie Boutique Cafe is on the receipt. In short, it's just next to Plan b. Or near to Kong Heng and Thean Chun. 

With this price , I asked myself why didn't I walked over to Plan b. and make myself happier. 

And oh yeah, menu says pure juice ... Lol... Pure. 

Head over to Indulgence for a glass of pure juice ... Shall we?


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