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Monday, May 2, 2016

Krabi Trip 2015 ~ Food We Ate

Oh my, this is going to be a crazy long post.

As my husband and I love food, we ate non stop during our trip.
There are times when my tummy feel like bursting...but please forgive me as it's my first time to this land of deliciousness.

It's hard to not try all those yummy looking food

Reading this post about 'Krabi Markets' will give you a better idea of the 'markets' I will be mentioning in this post

Noodles and Rice
We ate quite a few noodles in Krabi.

Kanom Jeen
Name:     Kanom Jeen
Price: THB20-30 depending on type of meat used. Crab gravy will be THB30
Location: Krabi walking streets, Krabi morning market. I didn't see this in Aonang area in June.
Description: It's quite similar with Laksa Kelantan, thin rice noodles with a light creamy gravy. Yumz!
Verdict: I love love love it.

Name: Yen Ta Fo (left), right......noodle soup
Price: THB40
Location: Krabi Morning Market
Description: Yen Ta fo is noodle soup, with tofu, prawns and beancurd sheets. The reddish gravy is a distinctive feature, and it's supposed to carry a smell, but I didn't find it repulsive at all. Maybe the hawker didn't add in much, seeing me as a foreigner.

Name: Khao Soy / Khao Soi
Price: THB50
Location: Krabi walking streets
Description: It's a northern Thai curry noodle. I chose the beef version, so it's more pricey. The curry gravy is light and flavourful. I do have a recipe for this here.

Name: Chicken Kway Chap (Halal)    
Price: THB50 per bowl.
Location: Krabi weekend walking street
Description: Noodles in spiced chicken gravy. There's innards but you can opt for meat and eggs
Verdict: Yumz, but don't be greedy with the chilli powder. I added too much.

Name:Mango Sticky Rice     
Price: THB40 -50 per box, depending on where you buy it
Location: Very common. This multi coloured one is from Krabi Fruit Market.
Description: Sticky rice, probably coloured with natural pigments like clitoria flower or pandan, served with coconut gravy and fresh mango.
Verdict: I look for a whiter gravy, as those whiter ones has more coconut than water in the gravy. To me, it's quite filling, but taste good.

Name: Pork Belly Rice with Sator (Petai)  
Price: forgot, but it wasn't expensive. Should be around THB50-60
Location: Krabi weekend walking street
Description: Rice with stewed pork belly and some stir fried petai
Verdict: Hubs said it was good. It's like a Chinese dish, but I didn't try a lot.

Name: Khao Mok Gai (Halal)    
Price: THB60
Location: Krabi Muslim restaurant. Found at walking streets too.
Description: Spiced chicken rice, taste like curry rice but without the coconut milk.
Verdict: Not as yum as I anticipated it to be, but still good. Maybe I will prefer to add in some coconut milk to the rice, but I don't know if that can be done :)

Name: Duck Rice (Halal)    
Price: THB80 per bowl.
Location: Krabi muslim restaurant.
Description: Stewed duck with seasoned rice, like chicken rice's rice.
Verdict: This is good. I'm not sure if this is Palo Duck, but the sauce isn't like super sweet.

Name: Fried Chicken Sticky Rice   
Price: I forgot the exact price, but it was around or less than THB20.
Location: walking streets and markets.
Description: Salty fried chicken with plain sticky rice.
Verdict: The one we bought was dry. The rice was so dry, we almost couldn't swallow and the chicken was very dry too. Bad luck.

Fast Food

There isn't much fast food in Krabi or Aonang.

KFC in Krabi is only available in 3 locations, Vogue super market, Tesco Lotus Hypermart and Big C, none in Aonang.

There is one McDonald's in Aonang with none in Krabi town.
What? Eat McD in Thailand, crazy, wasted? Nah, not really.

We ate what wasn't available in Malaysia and that is the Samurai Pork Burger. Yes PORK.
The Samurai burger is different there, as it is sweet, like a Teriyaki. The Samurai Beef Burger in Malaysia is peppery. It was quite nice, but I don't quite think about it after that.

Kanom (Kuih or Thai Sweets)

Thailand is a heaven for kanom or what we know as kuih in Malaysia.
Coming from a country with a lot of kuih as well, I actually prefer Thai ones.

It's not that local ones are't tasty, but local ones that are sold, are inferior, due to skimping of ingredients. Like not sufficient coconut milk and use of white sugar instead of quality palm sugar. Local kuih also tends to be over dosed with imitation flavourings and colour. Unless one pays premium prices to get quality kuih from Kuih Lulu (Klang Valley) or Ah Chai (in Kampar), if not, the kuih is mostly a nay for me. I tend to make my own and you can see those that I made here.

Name: Look Chub
Price: THB5 each pc
Location: Weekend Walking Street
Description: Jelly glazed, coconutty mung bean filling wrapped in glutinous rice flour dough. Basically taste like angku kuih with a Thai touch.
Verdict: I quite liked it. Looks really cute and such a pain to make, so worth a try.

Name: Khanom Tom
Price: THB 10 for 7 balls, if I didn't remember wrongly
Location: Weekend Walking Street (made fresh in situ), also at Krabi Morning Market
Description: Sticky rice balls with a liquidy coconut sugar filling, coated with fresh coconut shreds. Just like our ondeh ondeh or buah melaka, but Thai coconut sugar taste different than our palm sugar.
Verdict : I prefer our local ones

Name: Khao Neow Sangkhaya
Price: THB10 each box
Location: very common, and the one with yellow topping is from a stall in front of Vogue supermarket and the blue one is from Krabi Morning Market
Description: Sticky rice steamed with coconut milk and served with coconut custard. Like our Seri Muka, Pulut Tai Tai, Kaya rice, something like that la.....
Verdict: So nice! The custard layer also taste so good, heaven!

Name: Khao Mao Tod
Price: THB20 for 4 or 5? forgot
Location: Ao Mam Night Market
Description: Fried Sticky Rice Rolls with Banana filling.. of which I hardly tasted any banana
Verdict: Rice was partially raw as you can see those white bits, hard and I didn't like it at all

Chewy Sweet Potato Rolls with Crispy Sugar Coating (Can someone tell me the Thai name?)
Price: THB10 for 3
Location: Ao Mam Market
Description: Chewy, sweet..... Something like our Kuih Getas but kuih getas don't have sweet potato in them.
Verdict: Ok la, but won't pay to get more.

Banana Doughnut with spicy filling (Can someone tell me the Thai name?)
Price: THB10 for 3
Location: Ao Mam Market
Description: Imagine Cekodok Doughnut married Kuih Cucur Badak
Verdict: I will eat it again, only if I am very hungry only....

Khanom Chan
Price: THB 10 for a box
Location: Common, any walking street, and market in Krabi town
Description: Chewy, sweet, light fragrance, almost like jelly type of kuih
Verdict: I don't mind eating again.. quite a delight, but not gaga for it

Khanom Tan
Price: THB 10 for 3 or 4 pcs (depends on where you buy)
Location: Common, any walking street, and market in Krabi town
Description: Steamed toddy raised rice cakes. Something like the apam (not apam balik) made by Malay makciks
Verdict: Quite nice, not super fluffy. Best with coconut shreds.

Kuih Kosui (Can someone tell me the name in Thai?)
Price: THB10 per box
Location: Common, any walking street, and market in Krabi town
Description: Chewy rice cakes with an alkaline fragrance, perfect with some freshly grated coconut topping. Kuih Kosui is common in Malaysia but in Krabi, it is so much chewier.
Verdict: Yes, I love it

Khanom Nam Dok Mai
Price: THB10 for a box of 6
Location: Common, any walking street, and market in Krabi town
Description: Steamed rice cakes.
Verdict: I didn't like it, so did my hubby. The texture and smell is not for us

Khanom Man Sam Pa Lang
Price: THB10 per packet
Location: Common, any walking street, and market in Krabi town. I got this from morning market.
Description: Steamed Tapioca Cake coated with grated coconut.
Verdict: GOOD! I purposely chose those with coarsely grated coconut as the coconut will not be too old and dry. The textural contrast of soft tapioca cake with crunchy fresh coconut is shiok!

Khanom Man ? I'm not sure
Price: THB5 each
Location: Ao Mam
Description: Very soft tapioca cake, with ssweet savoury coconut topping, something like Talam Ubi
Verdict: Quite nice

Khanom Man (I'm not sure)
Price: THB5
Location: Krabi morning market
Description: Tapioca parcel
Verdict: I want to spend my calories elsewhere cos this one is not as interesting as the other tapioca cakes I had

Khanom Ba Bin
Price: THB20 for 5pcs
Location: Weekday Walking Street
Description: Chewy Rice Pancakes with young coconut shreds, something like a pikelet, but Thai style
Verdict: I like the white one more, less chewy. I won't mind eating again if I can't find other food.

Sweet Potato Paste Cakes
Price: THB10 for a box
Location: Krabi Morning Market
Description: Purple Sweet Potato mashed with coconut milk and sweetened, pressed into a block.
Verdict: Goodness gracious! I regret only having this after I came home, I actually bought it and went on my flight. The next time I go there, I will surely eat more of this.

Kanom Krok
Price: THB10 for 6 pairs (I thought these will cost me THB20, and it made me think if I was overcharged for other khanoms, hahaha)
Location: Talad Sod or Krabi Morning Market (I bought it here)
Description: Soft coconut cakes with a runny coconut milk filling, eaten with a sprinkling of white sugar
Verdict: Maybe I had expectations of these due to reading about them. I'll be giving these another chance if I ever go to Thailand again. Maybe others can do it better as the ones I had were really filmsy and soft.

Khanom Wan
Price: THB10 for 3 pcs
Location: Common, any walking street, and market in Krabi town
Description: Coconut agar agar.
Verdict: I have always loved coconut agar agar and I like it when they use different sources of natural colours

Tua Pap
Price: THB10 per box
Location: Common, any walking street, and market in Krabi town
Description: Sticky rice flour patties coated with coconut,sugar, sesame, toasted mung bean and some with peanuts. In short, Thai Style Muah Chee.
Verdict: I like Muah Chee, but maybe this one don't have peanuts, so Muah Chee wins

Khanom Sai Sai
Price: THB5 for 1 pc (Krabi Morning Market) THB5 for 2 pcs (Ao Mam Market)
Description: Sticky rice ball with coconut filling and covered with soft coconut milk pudding
Verdict: Like our Tepung Bungkus. This khanom depends on who makes it. The one from Ao Mam market made the coconut pudding tooooo runny and the one in Morning market a bit too firm.

Name: Khanom Tuay    
Price: THB10 for box of 3
Location: Common, any walking street, and market in Krabi town
Description: Chewy rice cuppies with coconut topping
Verdict: Nice! The texture, taste, fragrance :)

Other Thai Snacks

Name: Kai Peank    
Price: THB20 for a stick of 3 eggs
Location: Emerald Pool hawkers
Description: Grilled eggs, the seasoning used is basic, salt and pepper as told to me.
Verdict: Simple clean flavours, great for egg lovers.

Name: Khanom Krong Krang    
Price: THB10 per packet
Location: Ao Mam Market
Description: Chewy 'snails' with jackfruit in coconut syrup
Verdict: So cute! Some are not cooked through but I quite like it.

Name: Pak Thong Ko    
Price: THB10 for 4 pairs, THB7 for a container of sangkhaya
Location: Krabi Morning Market. It was made in situ.
Description: Chinese Yau char kway made Thai style.
Verdict: So good! The first day I bought 4, the next day I bought 8 and brought them to the airport and ate them after we checked in our flight. Still crispy after an hour. Oh yums!

Name:Mini doughnuts     
Price: THB10 per box.
Location: Krabi morning market
Description: floury doughnuts wannabe
Verdict: No thank you, seriously.

Name: Tamarind Candy (don't know Thai name)     
Price: THB10 per pack.
Location: Krabi morning market
Description: Chewy tamarind snacks
Verdict: Quite nice, if you like sweet sour fruit snacks

Name:Fried Quail Eggs     
Price: THB50 per plate.
Location: Available in Aonang and Krabi
Description: Fried quail eggs seasoned with Maggi seasoning and pepper
Verdict: Some light savoury food, good for a snack

Name:Mini ice cream cones    
Price: forgot
Location: Krabi walking streets
Description: mini mini ice cream cones.
Verdict: Just cute. Taste like regular budget ice cream. But good on a hot night.

Name:Thai banana pancakes   
Price: THB30? Forgot.
Location: Common.
Description: Roti Pisang, served with different sweet sauces of choice. It's an unleavened flour bread with bananas as filling.
Verdict: Too sweet as a whole for me... oily too.

Name: Wild Vegetable fritters (no idea the real name)     
Price: THB20 per piece
Location: Weekday Walking street
Description: Crispy fritter with prawns and wild vegetable.
Verdict: I like it, but the vegetables don't seem to digest well. I saw them the next day... hahaha!

Name:  Thai fish cakes    
Price: THB20 for 7 pcs of fish cake
Location: Walking Streets
Description: Spiced fish cakes. Like otak otak.
Verdict: Nice, fishy and good.

Name:  Boiled waterchestnuts and sweet potato    
Price: This pack was THB15. They can pack according to your price
Location: Walking Streets
Description: The waterchestnut was infused with pandan and the sweet potato is like regular steamed sweet potato.
Verdict: A nice change to how I usually eat waterchestnuts.

Name:  Yum    (anyone know the exact name?)
Price: I forgot the price, but it was below THB50. The portion is big!
Location: Walking Streets
Description: Very spicy mango salad. It has toasted coconut, long beans, and I remember the lady saying shrimp.
Verdict: Nice, but super super spicy. My husband choked with this first taste of it. I tried very hard to eat half of it, but I think I better love myself more. It's just too spicy, even for a Malaysian who grew up with spicy food. Masakan Negori 9 no fight with this one, hahaha.

Name: Mini Buns    
Price: THB10 per pack of 10pcs
Location: Walking Streets and morning market
Description: Mini buns filled with either meat floss or kaya.
Verdict: So good! I bought 5 packets to bring home for my kids and inlaws.

Pork has got to be my hub's favourite thing in Thailand. FYI, the price of raw pork is a lot cheaper in Thailand. So, eating anything with pork there, is way cheaper than eating it in Malaysia.

see the price!

Name:Moo Ping      
Price: THB10 per stick
Location: Easily found in Krabi town, morning markets and walking streets
Description: Sweet sticky savoury BBQ pork belly on sticks.
Verdict: My hub's favourite. He eats this each day (if he sees it) during our trip there.

Name:Thai pork sausages     
Price: THB20 per stick
Location: Big C hypermarket
Description: Spiced pork sausages, not sour at all. A bit spicy, a bit like satay taste.
Verdict: Good! And the sausage is quite big. This one at big C is way better than the one at walking street.

Name:Thai pork crackling     
Price: THB20 per pack maybe?
Location: Big C hypermarket, I got it there, but it's common.
Description: Crispy crispy pork rind, not spicy, savoury with a hint of pepper.
Verdict: Good! Good munch.

And not forgetting Thai mini pineapples. Ultra sweet. The sweetest I had was at Vogue Supermarket in Krabi town. It's smaller in size compared to the others. I only tried large pineapples during hotel buffet breakfast. Other times, I will only hunt for this. Different places, different pricing.

Convenience store snacks

Convenience stores like Family mart, 7Eleven and CP mart is so convenient there.
They seem to be everywhere.
When we were in Aonang, we visit them each night to buy food for supper. I tried a few other stuff, but forgot to take pictures.
They are very much unlike Malaysian convenience stores where prices are higher than regular grocery shops. In Thailand, the pricing is fair and competitive and selection of food and product are good!

I bought this out of curiosity. It's a popular Thai dessert, black beans in a sweet coconutty soup.
The bean is too hard for my liking. But it taste quite good.

Can't read Thai, and I thought this egg is seasoned.... nah... it's just a plain hard boiled egg. THB18 for 2 eggs. Not that expensive for a high protein snack!
Soy sauce is included in a sachet.


Name:Thai ice tea or Chai Yen    
Price: THB20 per cup.
Location: Best I tried is at Chao Fah Pier. It has that nice fragrance, Others are just nothing to shout about.
Description: Iced Milk Tea :) Just like our teh ais.

Name:Mango Smoothie    
Price: THB30 per cup
Location: Many places.
Description: Ice blended mango juice, with real mango, But bear in mind, there's sugar syrup added in. Can ask for no sugar.
Verdict: Very worth it.

Name:Malee Sweet Corn Milk     
Bought this at 7-11. Taste like fresh corn juice. Yummy.

And this is my favourite Thai beer. Prefer it over Chang Beer.

I had some meals in some restaurants.... I'll blog about them in another post. 

Krabi Trip 2015 Compilation

1. Hotels We Stayed and might stay in the future
2. Itinerary
3. How We Got Around- Transportation information

4. Food We Ate--- a long list of food
5. Eateries We Went To

Things to Do
6. Attractions We Went To
7. Massage We Went to
8. Island Hopping
9. Shopping
10. Visit Markets - Night Market, Fruit Market, Morning Market


Unknown May 3, 2016 at 9:42 PM  

Looks and sounds like you guys had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to trying all the goodies you described. It makes it easy to skip the so-so snacks and zoom in on the yummies!

Rose Chen,  June 26, 2017 at 7:34 PM  

Those look so yummy. except the beer. LOL.

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