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Friday, May 6, 2016

Krabi Trip 2015 - Things we did ~ Shopping (General)

In this section, I'm going to include convenience shops and hypermarts as well...

1. Night markets and any market

--- covered in a section of its own.... Read here
Souvenirs and sunhats are cheaper here than at Aonang.

We bought a belt and wallet here

2. Convenience shops

7-11 and Family Marts are everywhere. There's a lot of things to see and try there.
As it's our first time to Thailand, we brought along the perception that such 24 hours shops are expensive, like in Malaysia, but no! The prices are very fair and competitive compared to hypermarkets. Sometimes even cheaper! Lots of things to eat and the selection is so much better than Malaysia. Don't bring detergent, shampoo or those things... get them here.

3. Aonang beach

~Get your bikinis here at THB250. If they offer you anything higher, ditch the shop and look for another. The souvenirs here are pricey compared to Krabi walking street. Forget about cheap clothes here, as there is none. The shops right infront of the beach tend to call for higher prices.

4. Vogue Supermarket

-Something like 'The Store' in Malaysia. It's smack right in the center of Krabi town. Cosmetics, clothes, luggage, shoes, imported swimwear... all here.
We walked around and came out empty handed as prices are quite expensive for the quality of clothes, compared to Malaysia. There are quite a handful of food stalls outside Vogue for a hungry afternoon tummy. Head here if you want some fast food in Krabi Town

Didn't snap a picture of Vogue, but we got these sweet pineapples at a fruit stall there.

5. Hypermarkets

~ There's Big C and Tesco Lotus. Both hypermarts are far from the beach, say around 25km... They are near the airport. We came here to get local food products. Telecommunication shops, fast food, oots pharmacy are here.
 Didn't take any taxis, we rode here on a rented scooter.
There are also smaller Tesco Lotus in both Krabi town and Aonang area, but the one is Aonang is not near the beach, it's quite a distance to walk even from Phu Phi Man Resort.

Big C Supercenter
Tesco Lotus Hypermart, near airport

This is the Teso Lotus mart (Not hypermart) in Krabi Town. Just basic groceries

This is how they sell pork in Tesco Lotus.... It's cheap!

Saw this bug sambal in Tesco... but didn't buy it

6. Krabi Outlet Village.

~It's near the airport as well, and seriously, this place wasted 30 minutes of my time.

You want to see my loot?
Mostly food :)

MaePranom products bought at Tesco, others at Big C.
Forgot to shoot Pork powder seasoning.

Long collon..... kids love it. From 7-11.

Dried Safflower, from Tesco

Thai palm sugar. Pellets from Tesco Lotus hypermart, Tubs from Tesco Lotus mart, disks from Maharaj Market. Tasted them and best is disk, followed by tub and last is pellets. Those in disks are super fragrant. Pellets are only sweet.

No idea what tea. I just bought it because it's all in Thai, which I assume to be of local flavours. 
Not much flavour except sweet.. nothing spectacular or special.

Durian chips from Talad Sod.
THB 100. 
No durian smell.
Taste like breadfruit chips.

Pork floss crackers and pork sticks
Yummy! Must buy!
Easily available at 7-11 or Family Mart

Thai glutinous rice :)

Lots of Glico products, hahahahaha

and this as my consolation for being away for so many days to the boy... It can move!

Plus Krabi elephant tote bags for the girls and elephant pencil cases for my nieces

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