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Monday, November 18, 2013

Plan b. ... Again.

 This time... I'm not too happy about the service. So I guess I was  lucky the previous time  as I do hear people saying the service here  aren't too good.

When I walked in no one attended to us although the sign at the door asked us to wait for attendance. Then I asked a waiter who happened to be standing around, saying I needed a table for 2 adults and 3 kids in English, he told he he can't understand and so I spoke in his own language. He look baffled and told me , "See so many tables inside, go sit la"

Ok ok.... We shall sit by ourselves.

Then I walked in... The men in black t-shirts who seemed higher in rank were all chatting only. I went in to ask them why there's no one attending to us and why is the earlier waiter so 'unclear' about bringing guests in. They knew I wasn't happy and stopped chatting right away.

Then came taking orders.... I asked in English and got replied in Bahasa Pasar of which came as a surprise. I suddenly felt like I'm at a mamak stall. No offence to mamak stalls, but this isn't one. None of us are from the same ethnicity, so, we need to converse in a common language to get the message across. One of the runner boys, who is specky, in charge of water speaks better English  and I personally think with his gestures and good manners, he should be the captain instead. I believe he isn't local as his speech has an unfamiliar accent, but I understand him totally. He politely asked me to double check my bill when he brought it over.

This is what we ordered this time. 

Lychee lime frosty and ice lemon tea frosty.

Hubby had this, Nasi Lemak. Portions are generous. Tasted pretty good.

Buttermilk fried chicken. Crispy crispy. 3 pieces of fleshy chicken:-thigh, drumstick and wing, served with fries and slaw

Soft shell crab spaghettini. Recommended by my friend Yvonne. It's crispy soft shelled crab that's seasoned with some curry powder cooked in a sauce that resembles eggy carbonara and spiced with some curry leaf and chilli flakes. There's some heat here but not too much.

A mushroom soup with texture, of which I suspect is loaded with mushroom stems. It does taste that way to me. It's very mushroomy, not smooth with bits of mushroom to bite into. Quite filling and my girl quite liked it. I do find this  coarsely blended mushroom soup to be a  nice change from the usual smooth ones.

We ordered one slice of Black Forest cake to share and the serving was enough for 5 of us. Soft chocolate sponge with chocolate cream and whipping cream, filled with canned black pitted cherries and agar-agar cubes made from the syrup in the can. Thoroughly enjoyable although my personal preference is always fresh cherries. 

That's all this time and the bill is

Our first visit  to the branch in Ipoh.. read here.


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