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Friday, July 17, 2015

Eat @ J's @ SS23 PJ

Came here yesterday at around 5pm after a shopping at Mitsui Outlet Park. I was hungry.

This place isn't hard to find as I frequent the organic shop, Matahari few doors away.

It's located nearby car workshops and see this outdoor space for smokers :-) Maybe those men will have a nice place to lepak as they wait for their car. 

I ordered dish of the day, Roganjosh Lamb that comes with rice and a freshly stir fried veggie side. It was yum! Lamb was tender and spices were liberally used. It wasn't spicy hot but aromatic with spices, until I could still smell them when I burped an hour later. But given the price that comes with a drink, it's worth it. But maybe I'm a big eater, it's not quite enough for me. The lemon tea was quite faint in tea flavour but was made up with a strong fresh lemon juice flavour that I find well balanced. 

Hubby got himself NZ steak. Usually I see Australian beef and this piece from NZ earned my hub's liking. Wished the hassle back potatoes were softer. Mushroom sauce was house made, but a bit too thick. 

Since I had room, I ordered this piece of Chocolate cake with Chantilly cream. Cake was moist and tender even when it was fridge cold, and no trace of baking soda smell of which could be present in some chocolate cakes. 

Hubby rarely praised cafes nowadays but said, we can go back for another meal next time. Me too, and I hope it's a Thursday as I like the Roganjosh Lamb a lot.

Or maybe I should try their Balsamic Chicken


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