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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Krabi Trip 2015 - Eateries we went to

Besides all the streetfood we walloped, we went to a few restaurants or eateries... And I want to share with you my experience.

1. Ao-nang Seafood Restaurant

We were walking around on our first night there, not idea what to eat.... hubs just took my hand and walked in. Located on Aonang Beach, it's at a prime location where one can dine and watch the sun set. That's what we paid for.
The food was salty, way too salty, but I will say, they do smell good. If only they didn't oversalt, the food will actually taste quite nice.
Price wise, it's not very budget friendly, as my hub's pineapple fried rice was THB350 or was it THB380? I remember I was nagging him for ordering it as I believe other places will be much more cheaper. Our meal here cost us THB980.

I ordered Seafood Tom Kha and lemongrass chicken stir fry. White rice wasn't that nice as well. Had better white rice in Krabi.

After going here,I found that the review on Tripadvisor was kind of.... bad.
To be fair, the view was great.

our meal with a view

salty pricey pineapple fried rice

awesome sunset view at the restaurant

2. A Halal restaurant in Krabi Town

This restaurant is located conveniently next to Talad Sod Fruit Market. I had Khao Mok Gai(Southern Thai Spiced Chicken Rice) and Duck Rice here. I like the duck rice more than Khao Mok Gai. English menu is available.

I saw a duck noodle, looks really good, but I didn't try it.

Price is not as cheap, when compared with other Thai food, but still affordable.

I can't read I hope you can recognise the shop

Khao Mok Gai, Southern Thai Chicken Rice

Duck Rice. THB80

Khao Mok Gai in the big pot

busy busy chopping duck!

What they have there in the shop

Map to this Halal Eatery (Right next to May and Mark's House)

3. Kanom Jeen stall in Krabi Town

Kanom Jeen is the traditional 'noodle dish' that one should try in Thailand. Personally, I don't give much hoot to Pad Thai.
These homemade rice noodles are served at room temperature with a coconutty gravy that could be made with fish or crab. There are other gravy choices that need more courage to try. If only I stay there for a few more days... I'll try them all. But my man isn't game for it, so I can't share but to eat it all by myself.

This hawker stall is located on the 'front left' of Vogue Supermarket. I wonder if this the is the town branch of Ko Joi as the condiments look pretty similar. Other stalls serve slightly different condiments.

I tried this noodle at the morning market and this stall. This stall wins!

Free flow condiments for the noodle. Pickles and fresh vegetables.

This is where I bought my colourful jellies.
Sweetness level is low at this  stall. Like how my Malay friends will describe it, manis manis buah saja.

I'm standing on the side of Vogue supermarket

Map to this Kanom Jeen Stall (It's just next to CIMB Bank)

4. Anchalee Thai Restaurant

Website : Anchali Selections

This is the best authentic Southern Thai restaurant in Krabi, as I was told by my hotel. The owner here, used to the chef for the famed Ruen Mai restaurant.

Prices here are so much more friendly than the restaurants in Aonang beach, and it just taste so good here. Remember me nagging my hubs about the pineapple fried rice he ordered in Ao-nang? It's just THB150 here! I regretted coming here on my last night, as I was too busy searching for Ruen Mai. Food here is good!

One miss about this restaurant was, they didn't serve me the appetizers until I asked for it.
I was waiting for the food to come, and then I saw these nice bouquets sent to other tables, together with a plate of seaweed. I asked a waiter, what was that pretty bouquet and he told me it's complimentary appetizer for all customers. I asked him why then we didn't get any... he told me, usually foreigners do not eat it, so they do not serve it to us. Ok..... but after that he sent it to us. And he taught me how to eat it. It's ok... I do understand they do not hope to waste food.

Locals were served complimentary ice water, I asked for water and got bottled water (charged).
I understand ..... foreigners are usually wary about water.
The location of this restaurant is in Krabi town, right next to Tesco Lotus, at the Eagle junction.

The entrance

The signboard is only in one can only recognize how it looks

the menu

Top: Kai Ban Tod Kleu , Cha-Om Omelette
Bottom: Yum Makuer Pao and Pla Sai Tod Krub
We had these with white rice.
Kai Ban Tod Kleu (THB120) is free range local chicken, or ayam kampung that was fragrantly fried. A bit on the salty side, but it brings out the fragrance well. If only I have some plain porridge with me, haha.

Cha Om omelette (THB100) is not in the English menu and I asked for it by showing the picture on my phone.
Cha Om when raw smells like petai, but stinkier. When cooked it taste so good! No more stinkiness.
It's a must-try for me during this trip, that I must must find Cha Om.

Yum Makeur Pao (THB150) is chargrilled egg plant salad with prawns  and coconut milk, with some mint and fried shallots. Comes with a boiled egg. Looks like a salted egg hoh. But the egg yolks in Krabi seem to look very orangey.

Pla Sai Tod Krub (THB150) is crispy fried sand fish. I didn't know what I was ordering and when the food arrived... I was wondering why the chicken and fish looked alike. Hahahaha. Not as crispy as I will prefer, but it's ok. Still crispy but I dare not eat the head.

Complimentary appetizer: Thai veggie dip.

Complimentary appetizer: Raw seaweed with Nam Phrik.
Seaweed is salty :-(
I have read about this seaweed before I came, and some said they felt like grapes, popping the mouth.
Maybe these that I ate don't have large 'bubbles' at the tip, that they don't really pop.

Yumz! I tried them all. The ginger tasted like young mango.
Plant shoots were too astringent for my liking.

And the flowers are delicious!
Now, I do eat my clitoria flowers from my garden. Just pluck and chew!

If I ever come to Krabi again, I will surely drop by Anchalee for another round of Southern Thai fare.

Map to Anchalee

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