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Monday, May 2, 2016

Krabi Trip 2015 - Things we did~ Visit Markets

I am market freak. Be it night market or morning market, or afternoon market, they all appeal to me, as we can see more.
As Malaysians, we are familiar with Pasar Malam but rarely do we have the same pasar malam at the same place for a few days in a week.
In Krabi town center, walking streets are almost daily, except on Thursday and the fruit market opens daily until 10pm. I love the morning market, there's so much to see.

Here is a compilation of the markets I went to in Krabi and Aonang.

1. The ever famous Weekend Walking Street in Krabi Town

Time: 6pm to 10pm. (they start setting up around 5.15pm)
Days : Fri, Sat, Sunday only

What's there? : Cooked food, Stage performance, Eating Area, souvenirs, clothes, leather ware

Food I saw : Kao Soi (Northern Thai curry noodles), Chicken Kway Chap Noodles, Kanom Jeen (Thai laksa), Kao Yum (Nasi Kerabu), Yum (Kerabu of all sorts), mushroom soup, pork sausages, traditional rice dumplings of all sorts, snacks of all sorts

This is the stage where I was entertained by some kids doing streetdance. The kids will go around with their hats after that collecting tips. To give or not, it's optional.
See those people on yellow chairs, there's tables too, for you to sit and eat the bought food.

Hubs got himself a leather belt and wallet for a good price :) 
Compared to Malaysia departmental store prices

Rice dumplings of all sorts

Raw oyster for the daring......

Different types of rice.....

Muslim stall, Chicken Kway Chap.
It's yummy

Pork sausages..... sourish, not our taste

Steamed corn, sweet potatoes and pandan infused water chestnuts.
This stall even sells in the day time somewhere around Soi 6

Location of Walking Street

2. Krabi Town Fruit Market (Talad Sod)

Time : 3pm to 9pm
Days : Daily
What's there? : Cooked food, snacks, raw ingredients, FRUITS!! There is one durian stall owner that speaks Mandarin.
Food I saw : Tricoloured Mango Rice, pickled Sentang fruit, Gac fruit, Durian, Mangoes at 35THB/kg, Kanom Krok (not seen at walking st), lots of other fruits and stuff

See the distance from my hotel? It's just behind it :p

Sentang fruit

Snake fruit (salak) and sentang, pickled with chili and sugar

Gac fruit... but they don't look that orange

Tri coloured Mango Rice. Other places you will mostly see plain white.

This is a rough map about the walking streets and markets I am talking about
click to enlarge

Talad Sod location

3. Weekday Walking Street in Krabi Town

Time: 6pm -11pm
Days : Monday, Tues, Wednesday

What's there? : Cooked food, Stage performance, clothes, Eating Area, souvenirs

Food I saw: It's quite similar to the weekend walking street, but there are differences like there are thai fishcakes, coconut cakes, and these fried leaf fritters. The scale is smaller than weekend walking street but I like the smaller crowd, because I get a place to sit and eat my food and watch the performance.

Coconut pancakes..chewy 

all these are made with fish.... didn't buy any of those on the right

Thai fish cakes, taste a bit  'tomyam-my'

Location of Weekday Walking Street

4. Chao Fa Pier Food Market

Time: Every night, around dinner time
What's there? : Sweet dessert soups, hot cooked food as ordered, Good Thai Iced tea, juices and drinks
Location: Krabi town, near Chao Fa Pier

We came here to eat the food we bought at the weekday walking street, it was a Monday. I ordered fresh Mango juice without sugar and he ordered a Thai Iced Tea. The tea was the best in town, so far comparing with all those I drank.  We didn't try the hot cooked food here, but I was told by my hotel, I can get Cha Om omelette here.

It's common like our local night food stalls, where we sit and order our food and enjoy the night breeze.

Location of Chao Far Pier Food stalls

5. Morning Maharat Market in Krabi Town

Time :5am -10am ( left it around 9am, it's still bustling)
Day: Daily
What's there? : Raw ingredients for everyday cooking, spice mix, dry ingredients (Come here to get Thai palm sugar), cooked food (Breakfast!) fruits, flowers, fresh coconut milk, clothes, kitchen utensils

Part of the large building

Hub's favourite there, BBQ pork, THB10 each!

Kanom Krok freshly made. THB10 for 6 pairs

All sort of snacks and kuih

Hot food like noodles are available. This is the stall where I had my Yen Ta Fo noodles.

This stall sells rice and dishes

There are places to sit to eat your breakfast. 

After eating we walked around...............

Fresh quails, frogs, cleaned fish, snails.....

Molluscs.... cockles, mussels and clams

Crab meat 

Those tiny crabs are usually eaten raw, I see some adding into Somtom (papaya salad).  I wished I could taste the Melo snail... who can cook for me?

Crispy shrimp and seaweed, known locally in Malaysia as laktut.

local vegetables, with Cha Om in the middle and snake fruit :)

I took pictures of their ginger and galangal because they look so pretty... clean and slim. 
Their tomatoes are pinkish! 

Fresh straw mushrooms, I see people buying them in huge bags. 
Maybe they shrink a lot after cooking, as I ate some in Pakasai resort's breakfast and they were really tiny, about 1/4 of the original size.

Shredded ingredients for 'convenience' people. 
Galangal (sliced or shredded, choose), lemongrass, ginger

Dry ingredients.. See Krachai (finger root) near the ginger?

Curry and spice mix.... I wished I can buy some. 
But I didn't know how to ask for it

In Malaysia, pork is sold in another section of the wet market. 
Here in Krabi, it is the Moo that gets isolated

Location of Maharat Morning Market

6. Ao Nam Mao Market (opposite Tama Hotel, you can google the hotel for location)

Time and Day: We came here by chance on a Sunday at around 4pm.. things seem to have just started. When we rode past at 6pm, it was still busy with lots of people. I can't find any accurate info on when this market operates.
Location: If you were to travel from Aonang to Krabi town, Tama Hotel will be on your left and the market on your left. It's right beside the road.
What's there? : Raw ingredients (very local stuff!) , kitchen utensils, shoes, clothes, cooked food

Although it seems we went to so many food markets, but the snacks we find here differ to the other night markets... worth a drop by :)

Just exactly opposite Tama hotel

Didn't try these.. tummy no space :p

So much to choose from......

Lots of local vegetables... see how fresh the bamboo shoot is?

I don't know what are those stringy clams.
Lala comes with Thai basil for stir fries

Interesting looking grouper and baby sharks

Don't wear stilettos here... LOL. you will regret it

Location of Ao Mam Market

Crazy? LOL....

Krabi Trip 2015 Compilation

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