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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Boracay 2015 - Day 5 and a Wrap!

Date: 19/12/2015

We woke up early and had our breakfast. We each took the local breakfast as it's going to be a long ride today. Local breakfast consist of rice and dishes, so it's going to be more filling.

This time, we had our breakfast indoors because the tables and chairs were all wet from the morning rain. I had Pork Tocino, and it taste very much like budget Chinese Char Siu. Not that good. It didn't taste like the Pork Tocino I made few years back. But the garlic rice tasted awesome, so.. it's ok.

Checked out and was presented with another souvenir.
And a name card, asking us to leave comments on Tripadvisor.
Pandai pandai la... ye :)

South West came on time and got us to the jetty. We almost couldn't board as there were misunderstandings regarding our land transfer charges. They said we paid for only 2 pax for land transfer and wanted us to pay the right amount. We argued saying we paid what was asked for, how will we know what was the right amount. And now you want to charge us extra, as written on the receipt, it was for 3 pax! The main office didn't believe us that the receipt wrote that it was for 3, even when the staff here on the island told them so. In the end, the staff took our receipts and faxed over to the office.

We didn't top up and we boarded our ferry.

So, friends, keep your receipts and do an online order with Air Asia to avoid such a mess.  We were so frustrated and worried we will be late for our flight home.

And at this point, take note that porters will come offering their services for a fee. They only help you to carry your bags up to the ferry. And when you get off the ferry, they won't let you carry your own bags and other porter will carry it for you, and you will be charged 20 pesos per bag. It's not that we wanted them to carry, but the boatmen will just shoo us away from collecting our bags from the deck.

We arrived at the airport, and we got surprised that we had to pay 700 Pesos Terminal Fee each and to get our airports stamped. We didn't know that, and luckily still had cash with us. So friends, don't use up all your Pesos, not until you checked in!

While waiting for the plane.... we went for a cup of latte, and a leg massage for 200 Pesos.

It was a bittersweet trip.


Now, some friends knew I went to Boracay and asked me what is the actual difference between the stations and which station should they choose.

This is what I noticed in Dec 2015

Far end of station 1

Station 1:

Beach: Wide and flat, the further end has ample trees.
Sand: Very fine! Firm for walking
Activities: Kite surfing
Noise level: Very low , quiet and dark beach at night
Hotel types: High range
Convenience stores : None near the beach

Station 2:
Beach: No Coconut trees,
Sand: Fine
Activities: Lots of cafes and human.
Noise level: High! It's the entertainment area :)
Hotel types: Budget Range, backpacker hostels
Convenience stores: Yup

Far end of Station 3
Station 3:
Beach: Not as wide and slightly slopping down. With coconut trees. Still ok!
Sand: Coarser. Fluffy and loose.
Activities: Paraw Sailing
Noise level: Not noisy. There were pubs with singers on guitars and that was it.
Hotel types: Big hotels and budget hotels.
Convenience stores: Most between the 3 stations.

If you like to read on a beach chair under trees.... go for the hotels far up in Station 1. Anywhere past Jony's towards Station 2 is sunny! Or, go to the far end of Station 3. Any hotels past Boracay Regency is ok. Station 2 or hotels near Station 2 are all sunny sunny.

If you would like to know about food prices on this island. Generally, it's like eating in KL. A decent meal will set you back at around RM40-70 per pax. Juice at around RM10-12 each. Nothing much is cheap here, except for the Banana Cue and Julie's bakery. But one good thing is, there's nothing much to buy. So, we didn't use that much of money.

In Dec, sky was bright at 6 something and sky was dark before 6pm. This picture was taken at Station 3 around 5 something in the evening. So, I finally understood the meaning of  '5 in the evening'. LOL.
Back in Malaysia, 5pm is still hot and sunny....

My favourites about this trip:
Jony's Boodle Fight
Paraw Sailing
Cafe Del Sol's cakes
And Banana cue!

Bitter parts:
South West Transfer
and having the feeling of ripped off many times


My Boracay 2015 Series

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