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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Les Deux Garçons @ Bangsar

Came here few days back with friends to eat cake worth the calories. The shop is located towards the back of a corner lot. Not a big shop.

I was exposed to entremets by Swee San who bakes wonderful entremets herself. So, our tastebuds will be expecting something. 

Three of us chose these three slices and shared. As for what they are, kindly refer to their description. It helps you understand the layers of flavour and texture as you eat.

My favourite is the Duchesse. I have always loved bergamot anyway. This slice  totally stimulates my smell sensory as I slowly press my palate, the fragrance hit right at me, in a good way. Every small bite was a pleasure. 

Second fav will be Mademoiselle. The strawberry mousse was fragrant and light, and the calamansi curd was a bright highlight. I like the base that had some coconut. 

The Bambou was alright but don't really fancy it. It felt slightly chewy. Green tea looked dark (as if lots of green tea powder was used) but I find the fragrance to be quite faint. 

And the macarons... They are labeled :-)
And the staff was nice and courteous. 

I bought 1/2 dozen for my kids as I wanted to give them a treat. Bad mommy left them at home and went out with friends :-p

Not that sweet, actually much less sweet than 'others'. But quite hollow. The lime macaron's filling turns squishy and runny if left at room temp for 20 mins. They get gobbled up by my Macaron monsters and there was hardly time for me to savour each. Lol. 

As for those who do not understand why these small slices of cakes cost so much, it's because such cakes have a few components. It's a lot of work. I myself, have never attempted to bake one, as it could easily take up a day just to get all the components ready and assembled.


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