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Monday, May 16, 2016

Krabi Trip 2015 ~ Attractions We Went To - Beaches, Hot Spring and Emerald Pool

In Aonang, there are 2 beaches. Nopparattara beach or sometimes spelled as Nopparat thara and Aonang beach of course.

1. Aonang Beach.

It's the busy beach.
The left side of the beach is where beachfront hotels are, middle is where tours get onto their boats, and the right side is where seafood restaurants are.
If you stay around Moo 2, this is will be the nearest beach .

It's fiercely hot in the afternoons and the beach still looks good when the tide goes down.

the right side of Aonang beach at sunset, low tide

left side of Aonang beach in the morning, high tide

Dinner on the right side of Aonang beach

Somewhere in the middle part of the beach, afternoon.

found this flower as I walked... pretty, isn't it?

2. Nopparattara Beach

It's the long and quieter beach.
The left side is where Wong Sai Seafood is, the middle with some hotels and the right side is prickly with lots of sea shells. Seriously a lot.
If you stay at Holiday Inn or Srisukant, this will be the beach right in front.
Even hotels like Deevana or Red Ginger are nearer to this beach.
I walked here from Pakasai and it's quite near.

There are swaying Casuarinas  and it's more shady compared to Aonang.It doesn't look good when the tide goes down.....

the left side of Norparratara beach .. sunset, low tide

nice art made by crabs

Right side of Norparratara Beach, lots of shells, late afternoon high tide

sooooooo many

3. Hot Spring.

We came here on the 5th day of our trip. The location is far, around 60km away from Krabi town. The man wasn't too keen, saying this is quite expensive because we have been to a few hot spring before. I told him, this is a hot waterfall, and that makes the difference.

Since we didn't follow any tours, we had to pay tickets to get in.
THB100 for parking and THB100 each for entrance fee.

The pools are man made as I saw concrete, but it's nice. It feels safer in pools than a free running waterfall. The water's very warm and I can't imagine this place during the high season with a large crowd. It's a rather small waterfall. The water is lightly bluish. But then again, how long can one soak in the hot water? The rocks are slippery and I can't climb like these tourists to where they are. I was scared.

There's another hotter area for foot massage on stones.... too hot for me!

4. Emerald Pool

After the hot spring, we went to Emerald pool.
Entrance fee: THB 200/person.

Need to walk 750m uphill to reach the pool. The trek wasn't difficult but can be quite slippery if there is a drizzle. I love the trail as there was lots of plants to see. I love those Palas palm and giant bamboo leaves cos I was so tempted to pluck them home to wrap dumplings.

This is looks like a man made pool filled with water that comes from upstream as I saw concrete everywhere and the floor was all concrete. Natural pools are rocks and sand, not concrete .  We soaked ourselves here for around one hour.

It sure feels good to soak in a natural stream water.. and moreover such pretty blue water.

We didn't want to go to the blue pool as it was another 900m hike uphill.

it rained for around 10 minutes when we reached the pool

skies all clear again

Once in a lifetime is good enough :)

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